Sewerage Pump Station Inlet Isolation Valve

AMV’s stainless steel Knife Gate Valve designed and manufactured in Australia specifically for wet well sewerage pump station isolation.

stainless knifegate value front

Stainless steel construction suitable for submergence or splashing by sewerage and sludge;

  • Maintenance free integral seat design,
  • 316 Grade stainless steel body.
  • Other components of the design manufactured in the same grade material include gate, superstructure and fasteners

There is no gland sealing on this valve so it is a maintenance free piece of equipment.

The valve body is tapped to suit the flange drilling upstream as required or is drilled to allow for wall mount attachment.

Less expensive valves manufactured with cast iron bodies have proven to fail in this application and do not shut off the inlet flow after a number of years in the open position. The reason for the cast iron valve failures is that unlike wedge gate valves, popular for this application pre 15 – 20 yeas ago, the gate body clearance in all knife gate valve designs is very small. This small clearance result in the valve jamming in the open position due to corrosion build up under the gland area, accelerated by any gland leakage that may occur. Stainless steel (Grade 316) body valves do not have this problem.

Although metal to metal seats have a slight downstream leakage when closed, the benefit of not having to maintain a resilient seat ring prone to damage are far outweighed by this minor inconvenience. Metal to metal seats do not have problems.

This design valve reflects the requirements of council and authorities in the need for a valve that functions when required and needs virtually no maintenance.